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The fact is that you have so much to learn by following their lead. You never know when it will come in handy!

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The best relationships are based around joint activities. It may even be downright tedious. At home, partners expect you to agree with them. A psychological reading of your chart, on the other hand, might advise you to have the courage to be child-like or just young-at-heart yourself.

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If you are far away you should therefore make yourself happy by creating as cosy a nest as possible. Simmering resentments can be left until later in the year — or even next year — with a little luck! Your nomadic instincts are receiving a mild boost, so one way or another you should keep on the move. This is also, as it happens, an excellent moment for making deep, long-term emotional commitments — but only if you mean it!

If you have any doubts, hold back. There never was a moment like this for spending large amounts of money on family and domestic goodies. The point is that every penny is likely to be well-spent, and nothing should be wasted. Gemini Weekly Horoscope 25 November - 1 December, If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this week you will not be happy with what you will achieve.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

It may be possible to make more commitments, but not have enough time to fulfill them, or commit to promises that will be difficult for you to fulfill. News related to your old friends or acquaintances will upset you for some reason.

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  • The partitions or losses you will experience in these seven days will be part of the process of changing your life. Some of your relationships or engagements will have no place in your future and will have to end by mid-December. Your health problems should not be neglected simply because you do not have the time, you are afraid or you do not trust the doctors.

    Very soon, this can be a more unpleasant problem.

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    During the week you will have a difficult conversation with a man with whom you have personal or professional contacts. This conversation will determine your decision in the week.

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    During this period, you will be surprised by an invitation or proposal for something that will change your plans for the near future. Through a letter or a phone call, you will learn about some events that you have missed and that happened a while ago. This week you will be inclined to act cautiously, cautiously, slowly for fear that you may make a mistake or make a hasty decision.

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    • The week features an important event related to a man relative or friend. Women will be prone to hasty panic conditions, which will provoke them to make hasty and wrong decisions.

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      During the week you will experience an important event related to a person born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Men will be cautious, vigilant in their contacts with strangers or those who seek contact with them. It will emotionally burden you to have a conversation with a man born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

      Gemini Weekly Horoscope 18 - 24 November, This week you will have to take seriously what you will receive as information or advice from family and friends.

      Gemini: Your daily horoscope - December 03

      Don't take their words emotionally and avoid hasty reactions. Your worries will not go away this week, but if you listen to your mind you will be able to find a solution to some of them. The week will be interesting for your love life.

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      Your relationship may have a development that you do not expect or cannot control, but overall it will be for your own good. Your emotions this week will need to be moderate and avoid euphoric moods.